Pursuit of Happiness Blog

Chris faced multiple financial challenges throughout the movie. For example, Chris was having trouble affording his monthly rent and eventually the landlord had evicted him and his son. The mother of his son couldn’t cope with the financial stress and was tired of barely making ends meet, so she decided to take off leaving Chris with the responsibility of being a single parent. Living expenses and trying to provide as a single parent are both financial challenges Chris faced.  Chris is a salesman that tries selling the device he has invested in called “Bone Density scanner.” Although, he does not have much luck considering this device has a hard time selling. With his sales not being successful, he has a hard time making much money. This is a step Chris took to try and overcome his financial stress. When Chris did his internship for a stockbroker position at Dean Witte, he was different than the rest of the employees because there were only a selected few that would get the job at the end of the 6 months and it was a priority to him, which made him more motivated than others. Chris tries to sign more members than anyone else and while others go for their lunch break, he continues to take more calls to ensure he is the first one hired at the end of the internship. He also differed from the other employees because of the color of his skin and the way he presented himself.  This specific job required a professional look and Chris has had rough days where he has showed up looking far from it and also considering he is the only African American person throughout the employees applying for the job, I do believe he faced inequality and doubt that he wasn’t capable of having the opportunity to work at Dean Witte based on his personal appearance and race. The overall lesson I took from this film is to appreciate what you have, because there is people out there with a lot less, struggling to make ends meet. It also made me appreciate the concept of money, and how it revolves around everything. Without money, it is hard to be successful.


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