Discussion Question Unit (7) – Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud can happen in multiple ways. Common ways include, when the card holder gives their credit card number to unfamiliar individuals online or over the phone, when cards get lost or stolen, when mail is illegally taken from one’s home and opened, or when employees of a business copy the card number and use it without permission. Technology today is very advanced and online scamming is becoming more frequent, consumers need to be aware of these things and watch out for “Phishing.” Phishing is an online scamming technique where criminals send fake emails that look legitimate to consumers, making it look like it a came from a bank or commonly used website asking for their credit card information. Once the account holder responds to these messages, giving credit card numbers or personal information, the person at the other end doing the fraud can have your bank account drained and your credit card maxed within hours. It is important that any account holder is aware of these websites and types of fraud and can spot out fake websites or report them. Once you own a credit card, you must know the steps to protect yourself from fraud happening to you. If your card is ever lost or stolen, immediately record all account numbers and proceed by cancelling your card with the company. Keep copies of monthly statements and ATM receipts so you are able to track all money spent just in case a purchase was made that wasn’t done by you. Keep important mail in a secured place, never leave important billing/account information in your mailbox for long periods of time. Shred all financial information or cut it in half before disposing of it in the garbage. Check all websites when shopping online to ensure they are legitimate and safe. By carefully following these few steps, you can be a protected consumer and avoid credit card fraud.


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