First Nation Taxation

While searching about the topic towards first nations and taxes, I came across an article regarding the false accusations people use as to why aboriginals don’t pay taxes. I found this interesting because I think it’s important for those who aren’t properly educated on this topic to understand the facts instead of the false statements. The Indian Act First Nations tax exemption applies only to personal property and income located on a reserve.  People assume that anyone who is aboriginal is automatically free of paying taxes and that they receive some sort of advantage over the rest of Canadians; this is false because as an aboriginal I know my parents pay the same amount into taxes, if not more than the average person. Aboriginal people are required to pay the same amount of taxes as others living in Canada, except where it states otherwise under Section 87. Section 87 says that the “personal property of an Indian or a band situated on a reserve” is tax exempt. Inuit and Métis people do not qualify for this and typically do not live on reserves.  I believe that there is a one sided perspective based around this topic because people don’t take time to understand the details as to why certain First Nations people do not pay taxes and I feel that it is unfair and disrespectful to categorize them all into a group of people who “have it easy” or “don’t pay as much as the rest of us.”


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