The goal for investing is to put your money towards stocks, bonds, or mutual funds to further expand your money and give you additional profit.  People invest because they want to increase their sense of security and ability to afford the things they want in life. Savings differ from investing because when you save money, you are putting it in a secured account for a later date. This money remains available to you when you need it. Typically, people who are saving money have a specific purpose as to why they are saving or what they are saving for.  Common things people save for are vehicles, emergency/unexpected funds or somewhat costly expenses people can’t usually afford to pay right out of their pocket. People who invest aren’t typically investing for a particular reason, some are just giving themselves a chance to generate money throughout the years.  Common things people invest in are things like retirement or starting a business. It is important to start saving and investing at a young age mostly because it gives you more time to set money aside, which will greater your total amount when you need it. Putting away money when you’re young also gives leeway for times when you might not be able to contribute as much. At age 25, you will have more financial responsibilities then when you were a teenager and setting aside as much saving’s as before may be a challenge.  Also, saving early can potentially allow you to leave the workforce and retire sooner because of the funds you have saved in the previous years.


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